Data Protection with our File Data Object Storage Solution

Double Data Sorage Space than AWS, Google Cloud or Azure

Data Deduplication Tools, Data Compression and WAN Acceleration Technology

Data Storage

Your Data is Safe in our Hands

Basic Packages Up To 16TiB, 32TiB or 64Tib for Half the price

Multiple SaaS Solutions

CRM, ERP, Management Systems

Fully Customizable

We are ready to Work with you, We can Customize your solution.

All Cloud Services

We can Help you to find the Right solution for the Cloud Services that you Need to run your Business

Data Object Storage

Feel Safe with our Data Object Storage on our Network, Saving all Kind of formats, Images, Documents, Drawings, Compressed Files, Any Time, Any Type.

Object Storage

Object storage (aka object-based storage) is a type of data storage used to handle large volumes of unstructured data where data is bundled along with metadata tags and a unique identifier.

Protect your Data and Files with our Object Data Storage Solution

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